5 Key Facts Worth Repeating About IADC Rig Pass For Industry

IADC’s Rig Pass safety orientation program has issued several certificates to the drilling industry since its advent. Rig Pass training was being taught in 12 languages and 30 countries, covering all of the world’s major producing markets.

Rig Pass has always been a cornerstone of IADC’s certification programs, but now more than ever, it has become a key initiative within IADC’s strategy to catalyse improved drilling industry performance. Rig Pass is a tried-and-true tool that contributes to the association’s goal of providing value-added programs that are of the members, by the members, and for the members. 

By ensuring the safety of employees in the field, the industry will be able to conduct safer, better, faster, and less expensive operations, resulting in less non-productive time, zero incidents, and zero injuries.

Furthermore, Rig Pass goes above and beyond the requirements of curricula, providing more extensive safety training than is required. Trainers can be certified in all three programs or in any combination of them.

Rig Pass Takes A Flexible Approach To Training 

Rig pass gives companies opportunities of drafting courses that confirm the requirements of every company. In this way, it is easy for every company to achieve successful IADC rig pass training, as long as the core curriculum is followed.

Rig Pass Is Not oOnly For Drilling Contractors 

Although IADC supports the program, Rig Pass was designed to benefit more than just drilling contractors. It trains new hires in the drilling industry for almost any operating environment, onshore or offshore. It’s a safety focus for the industry. It could be upstream or downstream; it benefits everyone.

Furthermore, anyone can become a Rig Pass instructor, whether for their own company or freelance training consultant. The subject matter relevance, such as electrical safety or working at heights, can be applied broadly. The principles are the same no matter where you work.

Pre-packaged Rig Pass To Go Builds Inconvenience 

IADC has developed the pre-packaged Rig Pass to go for companies that do not want to spend resources developing their own custom course. It meets all of the same requirements as regular Rig Pass training and meets all training standards.

Rig Pass Is Not Just For New Hires

Although the primary purpose of Rig Pass is to provide new employees with safety training, the program is also used to reinforce safe behaviours in experienced hands. It doesn’t hurt for an experienced hand to go back and discuss the fundamentals.

Changes may have occurred since they attended orientation, and there is always something new that can be added or discussed. Plus, you could work on a rig for years and never get to an element covered briefly in this orientation. It’s good to recharge

Rig Pass Constitutes Vast Collection Of Industry Experience 

The IADC  Committee, which includes members representing operators, drilling contractors, OEMs, and service and training companies, oversees the Rig Pass. Rig Pass was a member-led initiative. It is the result of the best safe minds working together.

Rig Pass training also makes use of the subject matter expertise of IADC members. Acquiring the  IADC certification plays an essential role in Well-control management. 

IADC Rig Pass – Technical Oil and Gas Safety Training Course

Thousands of certificates have been given to the Technical oil and gas safety training industry by the iadc rig pass training orientation program. Rig Pass courses are being taught in 12 languages and 30 countries, covering all the major worldwide producing markets.

The program has always been a pillar of IADC’s accreditation and certification programs. Still, Rig Pass training has become a core initiative within the IADC strategy to catalyze enhanced efficiency for the oil and gas industry, now more than ever. Rig Pass is a field-proven method that forms part of the association’s mission of providing guests, members, and members with value-added services. The industry will conduct cleaner, healthier, quicker and cheaper operations by ensuring workers’ safety in the sector, resulting in a reduction of non-productive time, zero accidents, and zero injuries.

Flexible And Interactive Approach To Training

Instead of designing comprehensive courses that each company must follow, Rig Pass training allows businesses to write their courses that suit each company’s specific needs, as long as the core curriculum is followed. In addition, Rig Pass courses lean towards open conversations and student interaction, not lectures.

Rig Pass was built for the method of adult learning, while all other systems are based on PowerPoint, which you do not get anything out of. Essentially, that implies that there is no standard of education and training for workers in other systems.

Not Just For Oil And Gas Contractors.

Rig Pass training was planned to help more than just drilling contractors, even though IADC supports the initiative. It trains new hires for almost every operational environment in the drilling industry, at almost any location, onshore or offshore. It is the industry’s safety orientation. It could be downstream or upstream; it is for everybody.

In addition, whether through their own business or as an independent training contractor, anyone can be qualified to be a Rig Pass instructor. The importance of the subject matter, such as electrical protection or operating at heights, can be applied widely. The values are also the same, no matter where you work.

Pre-Packaged Rig Pass To Go Builds Inconvenience

IADC has built the pre-packaged Rig Pass training for companies who don’t want to waste time designing their custom courses. It meets every requirement and is consistent with the standard Rig Pass training.

The best thing about the Rig Pass training’s quality is that it is not based on teacher-reading and the facilitator. What that means is that a lot of team training is available. With that teaching process, there is a higher rate of content retention versus straight lecture.

Not Only For New Hires

While Rig Pass’s primary purpose is to provide new workers with safety induction, it is also used to reinforce healthy behaviours for experienced hands. Going back and learning about the fundamentals does not hurt for an experienced hand. Since they went through orientation, improvements could have been made, and there is still something different that can be introduced or addressed. Plus, you can work for years on a rig and never be exposed to an aspect covered in this orientation briefly. It is nice to refresh yourself.

The new hires can also benefit from getting more seasoned workers participating in Rig Pass training to learn from industry veterans. One of the best ways to stimulate these younger generations is to listen and share their experiences with some of the veteran men going through the same courses. Most people in the class are victims of some of the oilfield accidents, and they believed in the safety aspect of the incident. That helped drive our ultimate goal, which was to learn a little more about how to safely function in the industry.

Roustabout Jobs: The Ultimate Guide

Roustabouts are oilfield jobs. They are manual labourers working in oil, drill, and gas industries. A roustabout job is of significant importance in an industry, it offers several benefits in terms of salary and job security. However, to get the job as a roustabout one needs to go under an IADC training and get the IADC certification. The training of the Roustabout is a little vigorous, they are well acquainted with all the important areas of an oilfield optimally.

Working as a roustabout can give you an entry to this extremely volatile and ever-growing industry. Off lately, there has been tremendous demand for roustabouts and it requires completing an IADC training in India to be qualified as a roustabout. 

Some of The Jobs And Responsibilities of Roustabout Are Given Below:

  1. Cleaning Drill And Rigs: One of the most important duties of a roustabout is to clean up drill sites thoroughly. A roustabout generally works in shifts and is responsible to clean their sites during the shift. Hauling the debris from the drilling site, cleaning up spills and making sure the site is accident-proof is the work of a roustabout. Sometimes, roustabouts are also asked to operate forklifts, dump trucks and much more. Their work includes hauling heavy loads and disposing of them properly.
  2. Transportation And Storage: Roustabouts are accountable for the transportation and storage of materials. The offshore roustabouts operate machinery and move pallets from rigs to ships. The loading and unloading of materials are one of the prominent duties of a roustabout. They also operate heavy machinery and place the materials as needed.
  3. Installation: A roustabout also loads and offloads the necessary equipment and machinery at a site. They are responsible for the proper installation of the equipment. Everything right from including setting, welding, drilling and installing engines as well as pumps. Roustabout also conducts timely inspections of the sites as well as all the excavation activity.
  4. Repairing Pump And Other Equipment: One of the essential things that are taught to a roustabout during the IADC training is to manage, operate and repair machinery and equipment. A roustabout is well acquainted with all the knowledge and technical expertise to handle any sort of leakage, mishap, or hazard in an oilfield.
  5. Drilling And Extraction: roustabout maintains efficient drilling and extraction at a site. The timely maintenance of drilling equipment, pump, and other technical equipment are taken care of by a roustabout. A regular repair and maintenance to counter any issues such as corrosion, grit, accumulation of dust is also a duty of a roustabout.

Roustabout Education And Training

Formal IADC training in India can help a candidate to qualify as a roustabout. This extensive training program gives the desired IADC certification and accelerates your knowledge of the field. This course provides one entry into this exceptional field. However, it is necessary to do complete research and find further career opportunities before taking up the training program. Part-time or full-time apprentice in an oilfield or a rig can provide you with a more realistic picture of the industry. A roustabout is definitely an integral part of the oil, drill land gas industry and holds a considerable significance too. 

Enhance Your Knowledge About Safety Training Programs

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Various Types Of Drilling Machine And Their Applications

Oil exploration is a very complex area as there is a lot of equipment and manpower involved in it. Trained personnel having IADC Rigpass training or equivalent qualification are eligible to work in this sector as it involves working with many types of sophisticated machines. Moreover, their Safe Operating Procedure (SOP), emergency measures, and personnel handling are also taught to them. 

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What No One Tells You About Core Drilling

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Get 30 days Roustabout and Floorman training with CrewPetro

In the oil and gas and industry even the most basic jobs, the floorman or a roustabout job, require skilled people. The work requirements are pretty basic and the field holds enormous scope for promotions and working upwards in the field. Roustabouts work at off shore or floating exploration units and digging platforms.

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