Course Information

Unless otherwise stated, course bookings are accepted on the basis that no charge will be made for cancellations, provided we are notified more than five (5) working days from the start of the course. Notification received after five (5) working days will be charged at full invoice value. For all companies, payment of the course fee is due within 30 days of invoice date. All self sponsored candidates must pay at the start of their course. Credit Cards and Debit Cards are currently not accepted. Accepted payment methods include: advanced bank transfer and cash. IWCF/IADC Certification Programme Course fee includes: Registration, test papers and Certification, all training material, tea, coffee and lunch.

IWCF Prerequisites

IWCF well control courses are designed for people that have five or more years of experience in the drilling industry. People who have not previously undergone formal well control training such as WellCap will not be permitted to register in this course without first meeting IWCF’s prerequisites.

  • Persons wishing to register in level 3 must have any of the following : IWCF Level 2, Well Cap Driller Level.
  • Persons wishing to register in level 4 must have either of the following: IWCF Level 3, Well Cap Supervisor Level.
  • Oil field personnel taking IWCF training for the first time must complete Level 2 before Level 3 and Level 4 training
IWCF Well Control Fourm

IWCF RE-SIT RULES (from 1st February 2014)

If a candidate fails two or more components at the first attempt they will not be eligible for an instant re-sit, they must attend a full course of training.

If the candidate achieves 65% or below in one of the components, they are not eligible for an instant re-sit, they must receive further training prior to a re-sit examination. IWCF will ask for evidence of re-training.

If a candidate fails one of the components at 66% and above, they are eligible for an instant re-sit or to come back within the 90 day re-sit period.

If the first re-sit attempt is 65% or below, the candidate will not be eligible for an instant re-sit and must receive further training prior to completing the final attempt within the 90 day re-sit period. IWCF will ask for evidence of re-training.

Instant re-sits will be provided to those candidates who meet the above mentioned criteria and where test materials and invigilation are available.

Certification Courses

Class sizes are restricted in order to be able to provide individual attention to the candidate.

Assistance for Candidates

We at Crewpetro accept participants of all ages, races, sexes, employment positions, social status, experience and abilities both intellectual and physical.

We set a high standard of intolerance towards any form of discrimination based on any of the above specifications of our candidates and we strive to make our learning environment accepting and accommodating to anyone who wishes to learn.

We do however need to know if you have any special needs or learning requirements so that we can accommodate you and give you the best possible assistance to achieve the best results you can. We understand that many candidates with special needs are afraid to disclose their requirements for fear of being treated differently or their problem being made public however it is important to know that all personal information regarding an individual’s learning and working abilities or special requirements will be handled with absolute discretion and the information will only be given to those that directly need to know. Your privacy will be upheld at all times and never will your needs be made public. You will never be treated in a disrespectful manner or be given any obvious or degrading methods of assistance in the presence of other candidates.

We encourage all our candidates to get in touch with us in order for us to be able to assist them better at the time when they come to attend the course at the center.

Hotel Accommodation

There are plenty of options to choose from depending upon your budget and requirement. Hotels day rate starts from as low as $20 per day.

We have a corporate tie up with hotel “New Holiday inn”, you will get corporate rates and free pick up and drop from training center to the hotel.

Our training co-coordinator can arrange your hotel. Please provide prior information about your requirement of hotel accommodation.