IADC Course Training And Certification

IADC rig pass training program is an accreditation system delivering a standardized training on safety orientation program for new employees. It prepares the employees for almost any operating environment, at nearly any site, both onshore and offshore. The IADC rig passes accreditation program is designed to meet two key objectives. The first is to provide the means of recognizing programs that comply with safety elements. The second is to identify the vital elements of safety orientation for new employees.

These courses must meet and exceed the curriculum requirements necessary for IADC training at SafeGulf and Safe Land. This enhances the achievement of a standardized orientation training program accreditation. Completing an IADC Rig Pass Training for an accredited program confirms that personnel has qualified for basic requirements defined by safety and training professionals in the drilling industry, irrespective of the rig’s geographical location. Below are the critical curriculum objectives:

  • Promote awareness-level training to conduct safe operations for land-based and marine-based facilities
    Enhance and build the awareness of each worker’s responsibility to protect their safety and the safety of others, especially the co-workers, the public, and environmental protection.
  • Inspiring the growth of an active safety mindset that asks questions, where safety is not assured can necessitate the termination of the job and look for increased work operation safety
  • To prepare the workers for IADC training in safe operations and compliance with the company policies and procedures.
  • To help the new employees become the contributing members of a safe, successful work crew.

IADC Rig Pass Course Information: 

Any interested person upon payment of the necessary fee can undertake IADC training irrespective of his location globally. There are many forms of training methods available that are not constrained by geographical or language barriers. A group of people can undertake IADC training in India through classroom training and field training for three days. This training is reserved for any person directly or indirectly involved with the offshore or onshore oil and gas industry. An IADC training also involves offering courses to new employees and preparing them to work in almost any environment or at any geographical site.

IADC Rig Pass Certification: 

An onshore and offshore endorsement is issued to candidates on completion of the course. This is a recognized certificate worldwide. It proves that the trained personnel has met all the requirements as defined by safety and training professionals In the drilling industry, irrespective of whether the person had an Iadc Training In India. However, this is achieved when the students have completed the course program. Followed by a written and practical test of which the student must pass.

For example, a student starting an IADC training in India will have the Course materials provided at the start of each course. The trainee brings along a pen and notepad for taking notes and a calculator. Information about special requirements for the course will then be provided in the course instructions via email before the beginning of the course.

Course Instructors: 

They are drawn from a wide range of consulting industry experts available within the oil and gas industry. They are selected from the global arena based on their specific areas of expertise, teaching and speaking ability, and the instructors’ speaking and instructional experiences. With these, the curriculum is offered through an interactive IADC training on an online or classroom platform. The instructors develop the relevant course material for the topics they teach, and the course material remains their property. They are also encouraged to update their course materials to keep pace with the changing trends.

This is a brief outlook of achieving an international accreditation for drilling contractors, IADC rig pass training from wherever a person is global.