Stuck Pipe Prevention Training – Crew Petro

The field of drilling and mining have come a long way with advancement in technology and betterment of equipment used. Today, these fields have become so important, that several countries’ main source of income come from such activities.

From a time when a small deviation in the drilling process could cause heavy losses, the field has become a lot easier and convenient with the progress and development of new technologies. 

While it has been a significant activity in almost every single part of the world, it should be understood that there can be certain challenges, in spite of the latest technologies, and tackling these issues is vital. One of these challenges is a stuck pipe.

Stuck pipe refers to a situation where you are not able to rotate or move the drill string in any direction. It is one of the most expensive drilling problems because when the pipe is stuck it halts all the further operations until it is released. 

Basically when the drill gets stuck in the ground, a lot of processes are involved into making sure the drill doesn’t get spoiled or damaged. Nevertheless, it is still a very costly process and involves a lot of time and effort on the part of the workers. The need to educate workers through IADC Stuck Pipe training is important. 

Here Are Some Reasons Why:

1. High Costs: Stuck pipes are a major financial burden. The amount of money that will have to be invested as a result of a stuck pipe is humongous. Often companies make sure damage to their materials are covered by insurance, but nevertheless, it costs a lot of money.

Big companies make sure they train workers before they send them onto the field because they cannot afford monetary losses of such a degree. Therefore, it is better if such a trend is followed at every companies so as to avoid incurring a huge loss.

2. Time and effort involved: Another factor involved in such a phenomenon is the amount of time involved in overturning such an event. It usually takes hours to release the drill after it gets stuck and this results in the wastage of a lot of time since usually work cannot proceed if the drill gets stuck. The workers have to put in a lot of effort in order to make sure the materials don’t get damaged and this once again adds to the expense of the company. 

The workers will have to work extra hours because of the stuck pipe, in order to meet deadlines and targets.

3. Safety: Already deemed a dangerous profession, drilling is made a whole lot more dangerous as a result of stuck pipes. Sometimes using machines and other technical material alone won’t help in releasing the drill and workers might have to use their bare hands to make sure the drill doesn’t get damaged. 

While it might save a lot of time and money, it is also dangerous. Guiding the workers on how exactly to go by fixing the drill and avoid damaging it is important so as to make sure they are safe.

As can be seen, there is a need to make sure workers are informed about the dangers of the stuck pipes. While it is important to save costs and time, making sure the workers are safe is also all the more important. 

CrewPetro offers IADC certification training and aims to keep workers safe and at the same time keeps the drilling company’s interests in mind.

We understand the need for such a step and we look to provide as much help as we can so that such dangerous phenomena can be avoided and prevented.