Reasons Why Do The IADC Certification Is Necessary For Offshore Field Work

IADC stands for International Associate for Drilling Contractors. It is a worldwide recognized division for the oil and gas industry. It aims at assuring all the safety, environment and operational standards are at par for improving the efficiency of the work. It aims at fostering the advocacy of the work with the help of meaningful and sensible regulation. It is an integrated approach to ensure integrity and seamless work across offshore fieldwork. It also aims at improving safety and environmental protection. IADC aims at educating and providing the required knowledge that helps professionals to perform better and get the desired work done with limited efforts.

IADC training is one of the most recognized and highly accredited trainings in Offshore Filed Work. It covers all the crucial aspects of mining, drilling, and other offshore activities. It helps to increase your competency and master your skills. The IADC training in India is a must for commencing any offshore Fieldwork. IADC training is designed to meet all the necessary practices and developing the required skills for offshore work.

IADC Certification helps you not only with the thorough knowledge of the field but also helps you to explore potential opportunities in the offshore industry. You can apply for various higher-level jobs in India and across the globe if you have an IADC certification from a reputed organization. IADC Certification helps to maximize the performance of your company and help you to gain global recognition. The IADC training is designed to channelize work across the organization and provide bespoke training as per the job description and requirement. 

The IADC training is job-specific and focuses on the crucial aspect of each position in offshore fieldwork. It aims at improving the efficacy of work across the organization with optimum training.

Some of the courses that are part of IADC training includes:

IADC Well Sharp: 

A Basic knowledge of technical know-how, floor hands, Derrick worker is given in IADC well Sharp. The main objective of this course is to make you well versed in the systems and control culture. It is a basic introduction to the field.

IADC Well Servicing: 

This course aims at increasing your knowledge and helping you to discover coil tube operations drilling techniques and control issues. It gives you a clear understanding of how does the system work and what are the important components of it.

IADC Rig Pass:

The Rig pass makes you aware of all the safety features of the site. It focuses on the safety training and imparting the best safety techniques and precautions, that one must take on the site, irrespective of its location. The person must fulfill all the safety requisites laid by the regulatory bodies of the drilling industry.


It alerts you concerning various chemicals that you are exposed to when working at offshore fieldwork. It also aware you about what all correction measures you can take in an hour of an emergency.

IADC Well Servicing –Wireline: 

It enhances your knowledge with respect to various wireline operations.

IADC Well Servicing- Workover: 

It explains to you in detail about drilling completion and posts completion operations.

IADC Well Servicing – Snubbing: 

It helps you to know everything about snubbing operations.

You can also: Get enrolled in IADC recognized “Train the Trainer” program with CrewPetro

There are many organizations that help you get the desired IADC Training In Gujarat with the recognized IADC certification. However, it is imperative to do comprehensive research and find the best organization that can help you to foster your growth and achieve a mark in the offshore field. IADC training is essential not only to broaden the horizons of your knowledge. It makes you mentally agile, competent and increases your efficiency too.

Importance & Benefits Of IADC Certification Training

As IADC Training In Gujarat has become more advanced and accessible, companies are increasingly exploring opportunities in full-scale high-fidelity floor simulators to enhance safety & team efficiency. There is an amazing amount of effort from businesses and trainers. However, it was also found that organizations are not investing adequately in designing exercises on a simulator-based basis that would make the most profit of both their team and organization.  Continue reading “Importance & Benefits Of IADC Certification Training”