About IADC Well Sharp

The IADC WellSharp Certification offers the building blocks for a comprehensive well control culture throughout the organization. At the Introductory Level, WellSharp training provides basic well control knowledge for floorhands, derrick workers and non-technical personnel. The Fundamental and Supervisory Levels address practical well control skills for derrick workers, assistant drillers, drillers, Toolpusher, superintendents and drilling foreman. The training is held at the center in India (Gujarat & Kerala), Philippines (Quezon City & Cebu), Nigeria & Abu Dhabi.

Enhanced assessment process:

A significantly improved assessment process for IADC WellSharp program will ensure integrity and international uniformity:

  • Centralized electronic testing system, including random test generation
  • Immediate test results and feedback based on learning objectives
  • Independently proctored assessments

Course content:

Pressure Concepts, Kick Theory, Causes & Detection of Kicks, Kick Warning Signs, Complications and Special Situations, Shut-in Procedures, Fluids, Kill sheets, BOP Equipment , Constant Bottomhole Pressure Methods, Regulations, Subsea (if requested), Stripping and a brief discussion on Snubbing.

Target Audience

  • Fundamental Level:- Drillers, Assistant Drillers, Derrickman, OIMs, MudEngineers
  • Supervisor Level :- Drilling Superintendents, Drilling Engineers, DrillingSupervisors
  • Introductory Level :- Assistant Drillers, Derrickmen, OIMs, Mud Engineers and Mud Loggers
IADC Wellsharp

Duration: 5 Days