What No One Tells You About Core Drilling

Core drilling is a term used in the Oil and Gas Industry. It refers to a method of drilling where a gas well or an oil well is created either horizontally or vertically using a drilling rig. What no one tells you about core drilling is that it is a procedure that requires sheer professionalism and a lot of knowledge. As a company operating in the oil and gas industry, you should only hire candidates who have successfully done IADC training and are already qualified to carry out the core drilling work.

How to locate a perfect drilling team

You can depend on the Crew Petro, a private company that provides superb training and recruitment services. It will supply just the right drilling professionals within your deadline. Even if you want to recruit people to fill several different positions at your workplace, you can depend on this agency. Another way to deal with the company is to enroll some of your workers in their IADC (International Association of Drilling Contractors) classes.

What types of training and certification are offered?

The Crew Petro offers a number of IADC courses and it is upon the candidate to determine the one to do first. All courses are short and take just a few days to complete. They briefly include the following:

IADC WellSharp Certification – Designed for derrick workers, non-technical workers and floorhands, this WellSharp training is the best source of basic well control knowledge. The course content is detailed and is covered in just 5 days. Then a test is done via a centralized, electronic-based testing system. As for the test results and feedback, they are based on the learning goals and produced without delay. This training targets fundamental level workers, supervisory level workers and introductory level workers.

IADC RigPass – This course is required by those workers who want to meet elementary requirements that are given by the industry’s safety and training experts. On completion, they will have covered topics such as general safety, drug and alcohol testing, hazard control techniques, material handling, intervention, accident prevention signs and job safety and environmental analysis among others. It is a thorough IADC course designed for everyone in the oil and gas drilling sector.  IADC RigPass takes only two days.

IADC H2S Awareness – This is a special IADC certification program that suits anyone who is at risk of being exposed to hydrogen sulphide pollution at a work site. It teaches students how to take specific emergency actions when there is hydrogen sulphide gas leakage.

IADC WellCap Workover and Completions – Students who want to pursue this training program must do given element completions: Equipment and Operations. There are other modules to be completed too, including workover and coil tubing and so on.

If you want to do any of the Aforementioned courses, or have some workers you want to enroll, get in touch with the Crew Petro agency today. By doing so, you will be able to learn more about the courses you want to start and prerequisites for each. On the other hand, you can connect with the company to get new junior or senior personnel that will suit your vacant job positions.