About IWCF Well Control

This course is designed to fulfill the requirements set by IWCF for Surface and Combine Stack qualification. The IWCF Training program is designed for critical position holders in wthe curriculum approved by IWCF. Candidates will gain a comprehensive knowledge of Well Control theory and master the practical skills required to apply this knowledge to most well control situations. Successful completion of the course and examination will result in IWCF Well Control Level 3 or Level 4 certification (valid for two years). The training is held at the center in India (Gujarat & Kerala), Philippines (Quezon City & Cebu), Nigeria & Abu Dhabi.

Course content:

Well Barriers, Roles & Responsibilities, Well Control Definitions & Concepts, Kick Tolerance, Kick Causes, Shallow Gas, Well Control Preparation, Well Shut-in Procedures, Gas Behaviours, Well Control Procedures, Vertical vs Deviated Well Control, Well Control Equipment

Target Audience

  • Level 2: – Assistant Drillers, Derrickmen, OIMs, Mud Engineers and MudLoggers
  • Level 3: – Drillers, Assistant Drillers, Derrickman, OIMs, Mud Engineers
  • Level 4: – Drilling Superintendents, Drilling Engineers, Drilling Supervisors
IWCF Well Control Fourm

Duration: 5 Days