Get 30 days Roustabout and Floorman training with CrewPetro

In the oil and gas and industry even the most basic jobs, the floorman or a roustabout job, require skilled people. The work requirements are pretty basic and the field holds enormous scope for promotions and working upwards in the field. Roustabouts work at off shore or floating exploration units and digging platforms.

The roustabout is expected to clean and paint the deck and work area, offload and store supplies, move the supplies to where they are needed, using lifting and stacking equipment, basic tasks in the pump room and preparing the lubricants for the mud drills.

An IADC RigPASS training session increases the chances of getting a job, as the right trainings can provide the pupil with both the exposure and the knowledge required for a good post. The IADC RigPASS training course ensures that a person has met all the requirements and learnt all the safety regulations. CrewPetro’s training courses provide lectures and videos and real life experience on rigs to help their students learn too.

The IADC training course by CrewPetro covers topics from the very basics such as rigs, their classifications and components, and power systems to topics like casing operations and pressure concepts. The course lasts for about 30 days and a test is conducted to gauge pupil performance. CrewPetro has also incorporated life skills and job readiness into its program.

An IADC certification goes a long way in building one’s career. It helps people get placed and shortlisted simply based on the fact that they hold a certificate from IADC. This certificate also holds a great value later when they are considered for promotions, as this course gives in depth knowledge for those interested in working in the drilling industry. It is an especially valuable asset as the oil industry is continually looking for more qualified workforce.

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