IADC Rig Pass – Technical Oil and Gas Safety Training Course

Thousands of certificates have been given to the Technical oil and gas safety training industry by the iadc rig pass training orientation program. Rig Pass courses are being taught in 12 languages and 30 countries, covering all the major worldwide producing markets.

The program has always been a pillar of IADC’s accreditation and certification programs. Still, Rig Pass training has become a core initiative within the IADC strategy to catalyze enhanced efficiency for the oil and gas industry, now more than ever. Rig Pass is a field-proven method that forms part of the association’s mission of providing guests, members, and members with value-added services. The industry will conduct cleaner, healthier, quicker and cheaper operations by ensuring workers’ safety in the sector, resulting in a reduction of non-productive time, zero accidents, and zero injuries.

Flexible And Interactive Approach To Training

Instead of designing comprehensive courses that each company must follow, Rig Pass training allows businesses to write their courses that suit each company’s specific needs, as long as the core curriculum is followed. In addition, Rig Pass courses lean towards open conversations and student interaction, not lectures.

Rig Pass was built for the method of adult learning, while all other systems are based on PowerPoint, which you do not get anything out of. Essentially, that implies that there is no standard of education and training for workers in other systems.

Not Just For Oil And Gas Contractors.

Rig Pass training was planned to help more than just drilling contractors, even though IADC supports the initiative. It trains new hires for almost every operational environment in the drilling industry, at almost any location, onshore or offshore. It is the industry’s safety orientation. It could be downstream or upstream; it is for everybody.

In addition, whether through their own business or as an independent training contractor, anyone can be qualified to be a Rig Pass instructor. The importance of the subject matter, such as electrical protection or operating at heights, can be applied widely. The values are also the same, no matter where you work.

Pre-Packaged Rig Pass To Go Builds Inconvenience

IADC has built the pre-packaged Rig Pass training for companies who don’t want to waste time designing their custom courses. It meets every requirement and is consistent with the standard Rig Pass training.

The best thing about the Rig Pass training’s quality is that it is not based on teacher-reading and the facilitator. What that means is that a lot of team training is available. With that teaching process, there is a higher rate of content retention versus straight lecture.

Not Only For New Hires

While Rig Pass’s primary purpose is to provide new workers with safety induction, it is also used to reinforce healthy behaviours for experienced hands. Going back and learning about the fundamentals does not hurt for an experienced hand. Since they went through orientation, improvements could have been made, and there is still something different that can be introduced or addressed. Plus, you can work for years on a rig and never be exposed to an aspect covered in this orientation briefly. It is nice to refresh yourself.

The new hires can also benefit from getting more seasoned workers participating in Rig Pass training to learn from industry veterans. One of the best ways to stimulate these younger generations is to listen and share their experiences with some of the veteran men going through the same courses. Most people in the class are victims of some of the oilfield accidents, and they believed in the safety aspect of the incident. That helped drive our ultimate goal, which was to learn a little more about how to safely function in the industry.