Importance of Taking Precautionary Measures During Well Drilling

Well, drilling can be a hazardous job and it is important that anyone who carries it out is fully trained and always remembers the hazards and takes all precautions when operating the machinery. As there can be explosions, or rocks becoming unstable, it is vital that the operator knows what can happen and what to do if it does. It is up to each person on the job to ensure that they have the skills to keep themselves and their colleagues safe. As a result, all should undergo IWCF training and keep their qualifications up to date. It should go without saying that no one would turn up at a rig when they were unfit for work through drinking, taking drugs or even lack of sleep.

Danger of the drilling machine

It is not possible to emphasise enough the need for training and common sense when it comes to working in a well. A lot of focus is placed on the risk of injury or even death, but once that has been avoided there are still things that need to be kept on track. Any misuse of equipment could lead to damage to the surrounding area, damage to equipment or loss of time – all of which can be detrimental to the smooth running of the company. Full training should be in place before anyone starts to use the equipment.

Using the machine

While the following may seem obvious, it is vital that users remember how to control the equipment when they are using it. By following the guidelines, there should not be any injuries. Users should always remember:

  • Don’t make any alterations to settings while the equipment is being used.
  • Brushes should always be used to clean pieces of debris and under no circumstances try to remove them by hand.
  • Turning tools can be dangerous and this should be highlighted when undergoing training and when they are in use, all loose clothing and fabric should be kept away from them.
  • Check that the cutting tools are running correctly. If they are not straight then they should not be used, and the operation needs to be delayed.
  • Drilling tables are not the place to put tools that are not currently in use.
  • Guards are placed on equipment for a reason. There is no justification for removing them while the equipment is in operation.
  • Wrench keys and chucks should not be on the equipment when it is in use.
  • As the drill is going through the surface, it is time to ease up on the feed.
  • Use any protective clothing that is given. As a minimum, there should be eye protection and safety clothing worn. Under some circumstances, there may need to be special boots used.

When using drilling equipment there can be special safety measures in place, and it is important that all staff involved know them. IWCF certification could be the most important certificate you get so make sure you make good use of the knowledge learned.