IWCF eCerts – Digital Assessment Solution to increased speed and security

When it comes to booming industries with lucrative job opportunities, there is no doubt that the oil and gas corporations are one of them. With proper training and certification one can land himself a job that ensures monetary security and job satisfaction.

The International Well Control Forum or IWCF is an organization that provides training in this field. Holding an IWCF certification plays a key role in getting that important job.

As technology advanced so did education and training. The industry standard prestigious ICWF training recently went digital and introduced ecerts or E-Certificates which is a major leap in this industry.

The concept of providing e certification not only saves a lot of money for training providers but also creates a great overall assurance.

PROS OF eCerts:

1. Going online: It has become possible for IWCF eCerts to take the entire course online which is integrated with the digital assessment solution. It will result in improving the quality of the certificates and will enable them to be generated quickly so there is no chance of any delay.

2. Better assessment and flexibility: This digital assessment solution has made it possible for candidates to take the assessments online, thus also giving them the booking flexibility, instant re-assessments and instant delivery. Candidates can take both offline and online assessments where net connectivity needed only for scheduling and uploading results.

The introduction of the new optional grading system increases transparency, pass with merit being awarded to candidates securing 80-89% and pass with distinction for candidates securing 90-100%.

3. Tackle Fraud: Despite strict security measures, there still remains a chance of fraud. The introduction of eCerts adds built in meta data security measures which allows tracing the point of origin and prevents copying of certificates,

Additionally, through Mozilla’s open badges network, all the successful candidates are awarded a digital badge which the can share on social media channels to showcase and celebrate their achievement.

The introduction of eCerts has opened up a new world of opportunities and development for candidates and training companies alike.

Crewpetro, a privately owned training and recruitment company, is one the best providers of Iwcf Training in India. It has branch offices in Kerala and Mumbai while being headquartered in Gujarat, and global training centres in Abu Dhabi, Nigeria and Philippines.