Get enrolled in IADC recognized “Train the Trainer” program with CrewPetro

Everything around us is constantly undergoing change. We live in the time of perfection, development and instant results. And to grow with the time is now a key to survive. The knowledge that once was expected from the employees gets outdated and hence the companies need periodic training sessions to keep their employees updated. This is where we come into picture.

CrewPetro, a recruitment and training company with head office in Mehsana, Gujarat, and branch offices based in Kerala and Mumbai, and international branches in Abu Dhabi, Nigeria and Philippines, which provide an IADC recognized Train the Trainer program, along with various other IADC accredited programs.

Within our train the trainer program, our goal is to provide you with the candidates that are fit to your eligibility criteria. Our candidates are thoroughly taught and are perfectly capable of dealing with tough situations in the time of crisis. Additionally, once the course is complete, the candidates can send they applications for IADC accreditation.

Our experts have passed down their knowledge in the field of Oil and Gas industry through deep knowledge and field experience of the complex industry and make sure the candidates learn and understand what they’ve been taught. Our candidates can thus provide their skills in the industry.

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Employing new candidates is a skeptical job. The company must make sure the new employees work efficiently in accordance with the knowledge they’ve received. But, don’t worry about that. Our recruitment process makes sure that the performance of your business is improved for we map the right talent to fit your requirement. We also provide mass recruitment whenever the business demands.

Enroll in the IADC recognized “Train the Trainer” Program with Crewpetro and we promise that you will not be disappointed.